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ALSO THE NEW WEBSITE is where to find us now!  
Our New recording is up all over the internet so go check it out now!  
We worked 20 hour days in the studio and got it all done in 5 days! Thousands of Thanks to Evan from CAGE 9 for his support and help/producing/patience/hospitality/friendliness/mixing/input/singing/guitarplaying/wahpedal work/and all-around coolness! Evan Recorded our cd and you can hear him doing backup vocals on "Embrued" and "Cabalistic", backup guitar on "Embrued", and "When the Bullets are Behind You..." as well as piano on "The One". We're going be giving out samplers @ the next show on the 18th so come and get one!!!!!!
Ask us and if we have time we'll show you the video of the experience its pretty...entertaining. 
YOu can find this new  stuff online @,,,,,, and more SEARCH and you'll find us!!! Thanks and GO LISTEN!!!!!

   We make our merchandise thanks to Corey with STRANGE PURSUITS. Go buy his sweet belts and other wear at Graffiti Shop-Tempe, Plush Living-Tempe, Spine-Phoenix, Blue Jean Buyer-Tempe and Trails-Phoenix also visit the website at!

     We are out of stickers from our sponsor, Katie from, but we are getting more: We just talked to her the other day and she told us she wants us to pass out more for her! She is one of the most down people we've ever met so make sure you hook it up with the support and love for her; sign up for her webcam or order some pictures! GET a sticker for FREE at the next show! And Go check out her site you won't be sorry.

    AND MAKE SURE you check out our online community @

   ALSO our new message board will be on our site