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What Vistalance Means
Be Vistalant
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What Vistalance Means

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What Does it Mean?

The word Vistalance means vigor and nonlethargy, this is how we can best describe our sound and message: an active way to be idealistic.      

Vis+ta+lance \vista-lence\ n : intensity in proactivity; captivation to make a difference
Vis+ta+lant \vista-lent\ adj : intensly proactive and compelled to take action

What We Stand For
    What we want to accomplish with Vistalance is to send out a message of making the world a better place, and we believe that everyone was put here to make a difference. We do not intend to overthrow the government or up heave society, just bring somethings out from behind the blinders that people have turned them on and hopefully change somethings for the better.
    Democracy is the best form of government available to the world as long as the people get involved, if not politicians and corporations can become too powerful. People who think they are taking their own little stand by not being involved in government or politics are actually helping the people they are against. Other government-involved changes would be having more strict punishments for crimes. We have to draw the line somewhere, since 1960 the crime rate has risen approximately 313%, and over 13 million people a year are victims of crime, 1 and 1/2 million of which are violent crimes*. Not only are we not stopping the crimes, but we are allowing the lawbreakers back onto the streets to commit them all over again; in 1994 nearly 300,000 inmates were released from prison and 67.5% were re-arrested at least once within 3 years. 183,675 persons were charged with 744,480 new crimes: 2,900 new homicides, 2,400 new kidnappings, 2,400 rapes, 3,200 other sexual assaults, 21,200 robberies and nearly 13,900 other violent crimes on top of 79,400 new charges for drug possession and 46,200 new drug trafficking charges*. Sixty-seven point five percent were re-arrested only to be released again. This needs to end. We have put up with it for far too long; imagine a world without crime, now that is worth fighting for.
    The Media is another issue of concern; the news is but sensationalized useless information. The media is plagued with propaganda which can control our lives, by controlling the way we think about certain issues. Corporations control the media and the government is hand-in-hand with many corporations, therefore the news reported to the masses is often filtered or the story is told to make the situation less or more of a deal that it might be in reality. The evening news is in a ratings war and if you have not already been conditioned by it, the sensationalism is horrible. They hype up anything so they can sell it to us.
    Our main goal is to erase this apathetic attitude that has rooted itself far too deep in global society. People, as humanity, squander their potential to become better. We need to change; we need to start thinking less selfishly about the world. Be proactive. What CAN YOU DO? The view of the world being a better place differs from person to person so it is up to everyone who cares to be postive, promote the message, take action and learn more.

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*For bibliography and your own research click here: Bibliographies