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Erin Elliott

The Bass Player

About Erin


DOB: 8/16/86
Place of Birth: Phx, AZ at John C. Lincoln
Marital Status: Girls like to do this thing to me...umm oh yea, screw me over (SINGLE AND LOOKING LADIES)
School Enrolled: Junior at WHS, High School Rules
Other Hobbies: Running, basketball, the ladies, classical guitar 
Favorite Food: Water
Movies of Choice: Under Cover Brother, Billy Madison, American Pie(s)(both), Bad Boys
Reading of Choice: Spark Notes
Favorite Bands: Dashboard Confessional, Blink 182, Snoop, 50 cent, Yellow Card, NOFX, The Ataris, Scary Kids, and Taking Back Sunday
Personal Influences: Chris Carraba, Fat Mike, Mark Hoppus,Mike Singer
Life Story: Grew up with a rad family. Went to
Orangewood then Royal Palm. Now I'm at WHS.  Played in Skiz for awhile. Played music on and off with random people. Took lessons constantly for about 3 years now. Went out with a lot of girls a lot of girls broke up with me; so feel free to hit me up to chat girls if you're not evil
Life Changing Experience: Taking guitar lessons from my teacher Mike Singer. He is the best guitar player I know. He has lived and over came so much in his life and now he lives it to share his knowledge(which is near everything pertaining to music)
Unforgettable Moments: Breaking my arm and seeing it bent in the middle. Having 2 surgeries and a really weird lump on my arm now; ask me to see it its cool
Being an investigative lead in a shooting with Mike Marcum. Being physically assaulted in Las Vegas with Mike Marcum, blowing up the 8th hole on a certain golf course
Apparel of Choice: Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle (the rest if the band is pretty sure he's kidding about both)
Equipment Used: Ibenez Sound Gear bass, Fender Mark Hoppus Sig. bass, Gallen Kruger 200RB head, Ampeg 15 classic model cab, DOD bass processor
Quote: "Do or don't do; there is no try"-Yoda